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 To serve the customer's requirements,   TKC has
 hence introduced the advanced plastic injection
 machines to its manufacturing process such   as
 high speed injection machine which is   capable 
 of reducing the working hours,  but    producting 
the  high  quality products.   The gas - assisted  injection  machine    is 
suitable for the  workpieces  that need fabulous finish and light  weight.
The twin-screw injection machine is for the products which require two
different  raw materials or colors  in  one  workpiece.  TKC  additionally
installed  robot arms to the injection machines to hold,  pick-up or  drop
the products precisely, easily and quickly.

Presently, TKC installs the injection machines ranging from 50 to 1,300
tons   to  manufacture  the plastic frame for television sets,     computer
monitors  and  plastic  components  for  refrigerators,     air-conditioners,
sanitaryware, office furniture,
The Plastic Extrusion process for sheets and rolls
advanced machinery in order to control the flow 
rate of the plastic to achieve high quality plastic
sheets or rolls with the stable thickness. 
TKC can produce the plastic sheets and rolls
by co-extrusion system which can produce plastic sheets and 
rolls with the same raw material but two different properties. With this 
manufacturing  process, TKC is able to further response to variety 
needs of the customers and reduce unnecessary plastic consumption.
In addition TKC can produce sheets with glossy and smooth or texture 
finish. The machines used for producing plastic sheets and rolls are
compatible with several raw materials such as ABS, HIPS, HDPE, PP.
These sheets can be utilized for refrigerators, freezers, air-coditioners,
automotive accessory parts, shipping trays, packaging and etc.
Thai kodama co.,Ltd. 
Plastics products manufacturer
The vacuum forming process  
is another molding system by
heating plastic sheets or plastic 
rolls, then forming into a vacuum
With various machines of semi-automatic, and 
continuous types and modern technology,  TKC is 
capable in producing plastic vacuum forming parts 
supplied to refrigerator and air-conditioner automobile, 
shipping and logistics industries and packaging industry
including food, consumer and electronic component